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Fishing Charters San Diego
3 / 4 / 6 pack Sport fishing Charter boats located in beautiful San Diego. Open party and private charters available for Halibut , Bonita , Shark , Bluefin , Yellowtail and everything in between. Trips range from 6 hour half day trips to 36 hour offshore deep sea adventures.


Premier 3 / 4 / 6 Pack Charter Concierge Services located in Beautiful Harbor Island San Diego , conveniently located within miles of Hotels and San Diego International Airport.


 The Fish

Open party and private charters available for Yellow Fin Tuna, Big Eye Tuna, Bluefin Tuna, Marlin, Dorado, Yellowtail, White Sea Bass, Halibut, Sand Bass, Calico Bass, Sharks, and Rock Cod



   No Gear / No Experience / No Problem

    All the fishing gear you could need included.  As well as Bait and Tackle all included for no additional charge.  Whether you are a seasoned angler or brand new ,  the experienced crew at Fishing Charters San Diego can handle it all.  



Trips range from 6 hour half day trips to 36 hour offshore deep sea fishing adventures.

We also offer Trips for Whale Watching , Corporate Team Building  , Bay Cruises, Bachelor Parties , Spear Diving and more.



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6 hrs Bay Cruise 1/2 day – evening
6 hrs Kelp Bed or Day Fishing 1/2 day / bait / plastics
8-24hrs Shark Fishing (All Species) dusk to dawn / chumming
12-hrs Yellowtail Islands 3/4 day / bait
12-hrs Shark Fishing (Threshers and Makos only) 3/4 day trolling
12-hrs Kelp Patty Fishing (Exotics and Sharks) 3/4 day trolling / bait
24-hrs Tuna/Exotics full day & 1/2 day trolling / bait


 The tables below show what you can expect to catch during different length


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The Boats


Fishing Charters San Diego

Get ready for an

awesome day of fishing 



Welcome aboard San Diego’s
Premiere Sport Fishing Charters

 Totaling over 29 years of expertise in regards to San Diego saltwater fishing, the experienced and hospitable crew can provide you with knowledge on the seasonal bites and the prime “hotspots” around of San Diego and Mexico waters. Our boats range from 20 ft 3 and 4 packs to 52 ft offshore Sport Fishing Yachts and will accommodate your group with a memorable fishing trip.


What Is Included with Your Sport Fishing Charter Trip?

  •  Rod / Reel use if needed
  •  Tackle – Hooks , Lures etc
  •  Filleting of your Catch
  • Coolers – Bring your own Food and Drink – Catering also available
  • Clean Comfortable Boats – Relax , Lay Down Take a Nap if you wish


San Diego Fishing Charters specializes in trips as short as 1/2 day trips (6 hours) to 36 hour offshore trips.  Each trip will be catered to that season’s bite and what you desire to catch. The 24 hour plus trips target Albacore, Yellowtail, Yellowfin Tuna, Bluefin Tuna, Dorado, Sharks, and Marlin during the warmer months. The shorter half day 6h hour and 3/4 day 15 hour trips often target San Diego’s Yellowtail, Bonito, Barracuda, or bottom fish such as Ling Cod, Sculpin, Sand Bass, and Halibut. Just outside San Diego Harbor we can find Rock fish, Kelp fish, and many more.

If shark fishing is what you want to try, then our evening and night trips are the uncanny time to reel in Mako and Thresher sharks. We are extrememly conservation mindful with regard to sharks as they only reproduce a few offspring per year. Over fishing is a serious concern particularly with Longliners of the coast of Southern California. We strongly advocate catch and release, so we avoid killing sharks under 80 pounds and over 140 pounds and attempt to take only males to preserve these fascinating creatures. Our vision is to preserve the future of sport fishing for future generations by respecting this spectacular resource.

We are  also available for private parties, bay cruises, whale watching, and more. It is your trip and would goal is to create a custom trip for every party. We are very hands on with a maximum of two anglers per crew member to assist anglers from every experience level.

*Catering is available upon request.


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Contact Dana at 858-633-3940 

the long run sport fishing in san diego

News / Fish Counts

Fishing in San Diego. Tuna ramping up. Calico and Bonito in the Kelps

Offshore Fishing Trips San Diego 50+ pound Yellowfin tuna  are showing up within ¾-day range along with bluefin tuna and bonito that are still around. two bluefin tuna over 100 pounds (one going 177) along with a 50-pound yellowfin were caught on a recent 12 hour offshore trip. Mexico Schools of smallish yellowtail are biting …