December Saltwater Fishing San Diego Still Looking Good – Fishing Charters San Diego

12 hour December Yellowtail Fishing Charters San Diego

12 hour December Yellowtail Fishing Charters San Diego

Limits on Yellowtail and Bluefin still being pulled late December in US San Diego Waters

As the local boats continue to do so well this late in the year  , I had to take a look back at last year’s counts during December. Yellowfin tuna, a few skipjack tuna and bluefin tuna pretty much shut down within 1.5 day range after the first week of December 2016, compared to this year with some boats getting limits on yellowtail and bluefin tuna in US waters as the year ends. All signs are good for the good bite to continue into January.



Wintertime Local Groundfish Also Going Strong

The normal wintertime local catch is groundfish, including sheephead, rockfish, whitefish and lingcod and though the pelagic species are getting a lot of attention, the bottom fishing has been excellent. Whitefish are biting in good numbers and are larger than the norm, as are sheephead. Another thing I noticed different than last year is that the favorite prey of larger sheephead — the spiny lobster — are in fewer numbers but larger than the average size bug caught last year. There were reports of over 300 raised with less than a dozen of them legal size. Many trips posted a one in twenty or higher ratio. This year, the legal to short ratio has been anywhere from one legal for every three raised to one out of ten.

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Rockfish Season Ending January 1st – Fill Your Coolers – Fishing Charters San Diego

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HEADS UP… Rockfish season closes soon on January 1st and will stay closed until March 1st.

If you want some great eating fresh fish you better act now while you still can.
On January 1st the sculpin season re-opens. This will be your only option for ground fish. To Book your trip or check on open spots call 858-633-3940


15-30 Pound Bluefin in December in US Waters – Fishing Charters San Diego

60 Mile Bank San Diego 
The bluefin action this morning is once again wide open. Limits of 15 to 30lb bluefin are easy to come by for the boats anchored up on the High Spot at 32.04 x 118.15. The great fishing started just before sunrise and was pretty much going full speed with limits being reported as early as 8am.
Guys there is nothing new to report about this. Yes, it sounds like a broken record but this is what is happening. Same deal for almost a month now….

Repost of tactics and techniques:

The boats that are doing best are setting up on the anchor in 330 to 350 feet of water right on top of the high spot and running long steady chum lines to draw in the fish.
Guys who prefer to drift or slow troll sardines are doing best just to the south and in to the east along the edges of the Bank.
The bait is either sardine or live squid. Both are working well.
Since the average size of the bluefin tuna is 15 to 30lbs your best bet is to drop down to 20-25lb test fluorocarbon with the sardine and 30lb with the live squid. Even 15lb isn’t to light when the fish are picky
Of course if they go stupid you can fish heavier line.

Be sure and bring that heavier gear!

Bring a 40lb outfit in case they go wide open or for those bigger grade bluefin and bring an 80 to 100lb outfit just in case those really big bluefin come through.
Hook size would be something like a #2 or a #1 J hook with the sardine. 2/0 to 3/0 for the circle hooks.
When fishing squid you can use a larger hook since you bury the hook in the bait. Try a 2/0 to 3/0 J hook or a 3/0 to even a 5/0 circle hook.
Hearing that a few bluefin are also biting the Flat-fall jigs but nearly all are in the grey light of morning and pretty much none after the sun comes up.

Courtesy of FishDope

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Small Bonito and Yellowtail Still at Point Loma / IB Spots

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Over the past couple of days there has been bird schools working bait that had yellowtail and bonito on them.  This seems to have slipped to the south now as some 2-3 lb bonito and 4-6 lb yellowtail are being found in the area around the Whistler today. We have been running private 4 and 6 pack charters in San Diego Bay as well as open single spots on our offshore trips

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