Fishing in San Diego. Tuna ramping up. Calico and Bonito in the Kelps

Offshore Fishing Trips San Diego

50+ pound Yellowfin tuna  are showing up within ¾-day range along with bluefin tuna and bonito that are still around. two bluefin tuna over 100 pounds (one going 177) along with a 50-pound yellowfin were caught on a recent 12 hour offshore trip.


Schools of smallish yellowtail are biting  occasionally, though some larger units in the 20-30 pound range are coming off the kelp bed edges, the Coronado Islands, and along the Baja coast off Ensenada down to Colonet. Calico bass continue to bite well on the kelp with one out of ten fish kept due to both size and conservation. The larger calicos are usually released as the slow-growing breeders are important to the health of their population.

Local Fishing Trips in San Diego

Rockfish are filling coolers up with themselves; in spite of most boats concentrating on tuna and jacks in the upper water column, the numbers of reds and vermilions picked off the bottom more than doubled over the previous week. Barracuda and bonito continue to forage along the outside of the kelp and nearshore reefs — watch for the birds to pop up and start working if within a mile of shore, that’s probably them (and maybe a few yellowtail mixed in). Further out, say the 9 Mile Bank and out, those birds will have tuna under them

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